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Wilder: The Guardian Series - G.K. DeRosa "Wilder" has character and plots from other YA novels already published ... an 18yo human girl and 2 good-looking guys who happen to be vampires (The Vampire Diaries), forbidden love between a human and an old vampire (Twilight), and some parallels from The Mortal Instrument series. While I could immediately picked up on the same storylines from other books, author GK DeRosa still spins her story a bit differently.

MC, Celeste, goes to highschool and unknown to her is chosen to be the next Guardian--a protector for humans from the supernatural world. She meets two vampires and a wizard who help train her to battle evil. Over the course of the story, the reader sees Cel grow and develop into her powers.

The plot carries forward, drags a bit in some places, and overall the story transitions from multiple POVs relatively smoothingly.