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Ashwood - C.J. Malarsky 16-yo Willow goes urban exploring in an abandoned asylum. She expects the dark halls, creepy echoes, and ominous atmosphere. But she doesn’t expect it to follow her home. After the trip, Willow becomes haunted by nightmares in which she never left Ashwood Asylum. Nightmares where she is pursued by grotesque, mind-infesting horrors called the Mora who feed off the fear of mortals. Unfortunately for squeamish Willow, they are hungry. And she is their perfect meal.

Upon waking, Willow recalls only fleeting memories of dead butterflies, hollow eyes and discordant whispers. But slowly these phantasms begin to bleed into her daily life, making Willow question her own sanity. She soon realizes that the solution lies solely within the decrepit walls of Ashwood. As the boundary between dreams and reality disintegrates, Willow finds the courage to defeat the leader of the Mora before he traps her soul in the nightmare forever.

The above is the synopsis of the book and it details exactly what happens. I would've liked to see some twist in the storyline that wasn't already given to the reader from the synposis. The opening pages talks about the four main characters, which for me was a bit overwhelming becuase I hadn't gotten to know and learn about the characters, but rather I had to figure out who was who and what was going on. But other than that, the storyline progressed along at a nice pace. The writing was good and flowed smoothingly.