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In the Rearview

In the Rearview - Maria Ann Green The main character, 23-year old Meagan, is introduced to the reader through a series of diary entries and poems. She looks back on her life in her adolescent years, where it all began.

Meagan battles problems that no parent ever wishes their daughter to go through. She feels that they are much worse and not normal. To cope, Meagan begins a pattern of self inflicted harm as her depression threatens to drown her. She starts cutting.

That one cut turns into another, and another. Like an addict, Meagan feels the instant gratification, but then has conflicting thoughts: remorse and figuring out when to cut again.

While learning to quit cutting, Meagan faces life-altering obstacles and grows up in the process.

Debut author, Maria Ann Green's takes us on a young woman's journey on growing up and the consequences of life are spot on. Through the beautifully crafted poems and the unique diary-entry style of the novel, this book really puts the reader in the shoes of Meagan. As the reader, I could feel her pain. And at times, I understood and related to the situations that Meagan found her self in.

IN THE REARVIEW is a FANTASTIC read of pain, loss, and above all, hope!!!